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By: Maurice W. Dorsey


This is the story of a businessman who was African American and was optimistic and determined while achieving ultimate success.

* eBook includes iBooks, PDF & ePub versions
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By: Maurice W. Dorsey


* eBook includes iBooks, PDF & ePub versions
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More than his ad “More Parks Sausages Mom!” “Please!” Henry G. Parks, Jr. was a man before his time. Pioneering in the American free enterprise system he embarked on a journey leading to a multi-million dollar industry. After many endeavors in business, The H.G. Parks, Inc. trading as Parks Sausage became a reality in 1951. With strong aggressive leadership, brilliant marketing and advertising, Mr. Parks build a business that never posted a losing year under his ownership. Park’s Sausage was the first African American owned business to issue stock publicly. Mr. Park’s success caught the attention of some of the leading corporate boards in this country. . .

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Lecture and Book Signing at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum

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Vocal Expressions: an interview with Maurice W. Dorsey

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Frequently Asked Questions

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01. Is Mr. Parks African American?

Yes. Mr. Parks' birth certificate reads: colored but through the transformation from colored, to Negro, to Black, to Afro-American to African American. He claimed African American, although there is Native American ancestry in his family lineage.

02. How did Mr. Parks handle discrimination during this era?

Mr. Parks handled discrimination during this era by maintaining a POSITIVE ATTITUDE in all situations. He believed that no one advances by being negative. He admitted there were times in his life where being positive was a tremendous effort.

03. Who created the ad's: "More Parks Sausages Mom!" "Please!"?

The "More Parks Sausages Mom!" "Please!" advertisement was created by Leon Shaffer Golnick, a professional advertising firm in Baltimore, Maryland. In every instance, Mr. Parks could afford as he built his business he hired experts in their field of work.

04. Is the business still in operation?

The Parks Sausage Company still exist however Mr. Parks sold the company before his death in 1989 to the Norin Corporations of Miami for $1.58 million. Mr. Parks got a seven-year contract and remained the chairman of the board and served on the board of Norin as a consultant. Norin also bought 153,000 shares from William Adams, Mr. Parks' silent partner. Mr. Raymond S. Haysbert became president and chief executive officer. The company has changed owners several times in the past.

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Maurice W. Dorsey

Maurice W. Dorsey graduated as the only African American in his class at the Bel Air Senior High School, Bel Air, Maryland, in 1965. He earned a bachelor of science degree in home economics from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 1970. He then earned a master’s degree in liberal arts from the Johns Hopkins University in 1975 and earned a second master’s degree in education from the Loyola College of Maryland in 1976. He returned to the University of Maryland to earn a PhD in education in 1985. He has worked in both the public and private sectors, finding his career in secondary education, higher education, and government. He retired from the United States Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture in 2012. Businessman First: Remembering Henry G. Parks (1916 to 1989); Capturing the Life of a Businessman Who Was African American; An Authorized Biography is his first book. He resides in Washington, DC.


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